Operation 32

Web Order Form Terms & Conditions

The Starting date for orders is 10/11/2023

We are proud to introduce a new online order form that has been designed to make ordering easy with Operation 32. When ordering please take time to read the following rules to ensure order accuracy. Please also reference our parts catalog to help you with selecting the correct parts.

  1. Please follow the 32mm system(sizing chart) when entering in sizes for vertical panels unless you specifically want rights and lefts.
  2. please check your job and make sure all of the pieces are counted for.once you leave the facility  we are not responsible for missing  or damaged pieces please let a staff member know and we will fix it on the spot.
  3. no body is allowed in the shop except employees  
  4. please sign off on your order in the office  stating that we released the job to you and and staff member will bring your order to the loading  dock.(do not grab your own job )
  5. If you have base notches please note the notch sizes in all the listed parts in the detail section. Example: B=20x152.
  6. To ensure you have the proper grain direction on your parts, please list the length to be equal to the grain direction. This is critical on drawer fronts when deciding on vertical or horizontal grain.
  7. Any special parts please send a diagram to us so we make you the correct parts. Programming charges may apply.
  8. Minimum lead times are 5 business days. If you have an emergency, please call the office to see if the schedule will allow your order to be completed earlier. Rush fees may apply.
  9. If you do not find your parts on our or order form please enter "SPECIAL PART" and fax us a diagram.
  10. For any further questions, please call us at 954-428-9797
  11. l                                                                 please take note we are  now 11 business days on turnaround time  starting the day after approval

Thank you,
The Operation32 Team